Endpoint resources

Through an endpoint update, you can configure the limits for compute resources available to the deployment.

Using the client

Endpoint.update() provides a parameter for configuring the endpoint’s compute resources. It can be used alongside any update strategy.

from verta.endpoint.update import DirectUpdateStrategy

    model_version, DirectUpdateStrategy(),

resources specifies the computational resources that will be available to the model when it is deployed.

from verta.endpoint.resources import Resources

resources = Resources(cpu=.25, memory="512Mi")

In this example, each replica will be provided a fourth of a CPU core and 512 Mi of RAM. For more information about available resources and units, see the Endpoint Resources API documentation.

Using the CLI

Compute resources can also be configured via the CLI:

verta deployment update endpoint /some-path --model-version-id "<id>" \
    --strategy direct \
    --resources '{"cpu": 0.25, "memory": "512Mi"}'

--resources takes a JSON string representing its values. The Python API documentation for Endpoint Resources contains a JSON-equivalent example for the object.