Transition model version stages

Transitioning model version stages

Verta's Model Registry helps you manage life cycle of model versions along with an approval workflow to transition a model through different stages. Each model version is assigned a stage at any given time. The predefined stages available are Unassigned (when a model is first registered), Staging, Production and Archived. You can transition a model version from one stage to another stage.

Create a stage change request

In the web UI, a stage request can be created in the registed model version page.

Approve a stage change request

Anyone with approval rights can review and approve the stage change request. By defaiult anyone with write permission can approve a stage change request. Please note that the requestor cannot approve their own request.

Track all stage change requests in activity log

All the stage change requests, comments and commit logs are tracked in an activity log in the registered model version page.

Query registered model versions by stage

You can query registered model versions by stage using client API and automate running a test job and invoking your release pipeline.
#Query a registed model by stage
staging_model_version = model.versions.find("stage == staging")[0]