Active Directory Integration

Verta integrates with Active Directory to support SSO (Single Sign On) and automatic user provisioning.

Refer to the following guides to learn the setup steps:

Once the setup is complete, from the System admin interface admins can review the status of the integration, obtain Verta address and token to share with IT team and get status on the groups already synced with Verta.

  • Once Active Directory is enabled visit the Integration tab in System admin web UI to access additional details

  • Copy the Verta address and token and share with your IT teams to provision Active Directory groups.

  • Verta organizations and teams can be automatically mapped and synced with Active Directory groups using SCIM provisioning.

  • Go to the Active Directory integration details view to get visibility on the list of Organizations and Teams that are associated with Active Directory groups. With SCIM, Verta automatically provision/de-provision users and groups and create Teams and Organizations. You need to follow the recommended Active Directory group naming conventions, which our outlined in the platform.

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