Querying an endpoint

Once the endpoint has finished updating:

endpoint.update(model_version, strategy, wait=True)

Users can make queries to it. This tutorial will explore several ways to do this, using the client and CLI.

Using the client

Given an endpoint (which has a model deployed to it), we can make queries as follows:

deployed_model = endpoint.get_deployed_model()
results = deployed_model.predict(test_data)

We can also make queries via cURL requests. An example request is given in the string representation of the endpoint object:

# This should print out similar to:
# path: <some-path>
# id: <some-id>
# curl: curl -X POST <prediction-url> -d '' -H "Content-Type: application/json"
# ...

Using the CLI

Verta's CLI also has a predict command for querying an endpoint:

verta deployment predict endpoint /some-path --data '[0, 1, 1, 1]'

The input passed to data option must have JSON format.