Private Ubuntu APT integration


Verta platform provides support for integrating with private APT repositories, allowing companies to host their Debian packages. This functionality enables organizations to utilize secure and private Debian repositories, facilitating the sharing of APT packages within the organization while maintaining access control.

In Verta, system administrators have the capability to configure one or multiple APT repositories. When deploying models in Verta, the platform automatically scans the configured APT repositories to retrieve the necessary dependencies.

Setup APT integration

System administrators can follow these steps to configure private APT repositories;

  • Enable custom-apt in the Verta platform configuration.

  • The sources.list file with APT repository information should be added to the platform configuration.

  • In the sources.list, all repositories that require credentials to access should be modified in the format: http://username:password@ If credentials are not required to access the url, they need not be included.

  • The sources.list file should be copied into the config value deployment--deployment-api.config.custom_apt.sources_list

For example, a simple decrypted sops file looks like:

            sources_list: |
                deb http://<username>:<password>@ bullseye main

Note: The Verta platform uses the bullseye debian release. We cannot guarantee compatibility if you do not also use bullseye.

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