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Verta Model Monitoring enables Operations and Data Science teams to:
  • Identify failing models before customers do
  • Detect unexpected changes in model I/O including drift and outliers
  • Detect model quality issues
  • Resolve production issues with alerting & root cause analysis

What are the benefits of a model monitoring system?

  • Your deployed models are automatically monitored with the system auto-configuring model predictions, features, alerts and thresholds with templated dashboards.
  • Detect data drift and outliers in input features and predictions
  • Monitor custom metrics and build your own charts and visualizations (e.g. confusion matrix, PR curve, ROC curve and more)
  • Fully customizable dashboards and interactive charts
  • Ingest ground truth (realtime and delayed) and monitor quality metrics like accuracy, precision, recall, F1 score etc
  • Connect pre-production (model catalog and experiment tracking) and production systems for end to end visibility and root cause analysis
  • Receive actionable alerts for performance degradation, or drift and automate remedial actions
  • Track and compare model releases and compare performance between versions