Service accounts

What are service accounts?

A service account is a special kind of account used by an application or in a workflow pipeline, such as in a Jenkins job or Airflow pipeline, to interact with Verta platform rather than a person. Applications use service accounts to make API calls in order to perform various actions like register a model in Verta, deploy an endpoint or update an existing endpoint. Service accounts allow you to use the application without having to use the credentials of a user.

A service account can be identified by Org name/username, which is unique to the account. These accounts are created within an Organization.

Differences between a service account and a user account

Service accounts do not have an email-id or password, and cannot log in to Verta webapp.

How to create a service account?

Service accounts can be created within an Organization. Org administrators have access to create service accounts by visiting the Org management view in the web UI. You need to provide a username and optional description and save. Once a service account is created, you will be able to access the associated developer key.

How to update a service account?

In the “Service accounts” tab under an Organization, see the list of all the service accounts and go to a detailed view to make necessary updates. Only administrators have access to view, edit or update service accounts. The following updates are allowed on an existing service account - ability to delete, add/generate a new developer key or modify the description.

How to use a service account?

Invite service accounts as collaborators

Once a service is created, they are automatically added as members in the Organization. They inherit the Org baseline permission by default similar to other Org members and can be invited as collaborators to specific entities (e.g projects, registered models, endpoints etc.) with additional permissions.

Use service accounts via client

Use the service account developer key from the detailed view and Organization name/username as the email for authentication.

import os
os.environ['VERTA_EMAIL'] = 'Demo/vertadeploy'
os.environ['VERTA_DEV_KEY'] = 'cbb032b1-7d71-4168-a437-cfcc27a6dfde'

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