Building a model container locally

Some of our customers want to build a version of the container used for inference locally. Common uses are debugging and satisfying operations procedures.

Verta supports fetching the whole context necessary for Docker and building locally.

Fetching the Docker context

Any class within the Verta platform that has a download_docker_context() method, such as an ExperimentRun, automatically supports fetching the Docker context that can be used to build an image.

For example, you can run


and our client will save a file named context.tgz in your folder with all the contents for the build.

The Docker context can also be downloaded from a RegisteredModelVersion:


Building the Docker image

Unfortunately Docker doesn't allow you to use a packaged context in your build directly. To unpack the context you can run

mkdir -p context_folder && tar -C context_folder -xvzf context.tgz

which will save the contents to context_folder.

That folder contains all the information required to build an image. You can now run

docker build -t mymodel:latest context_folder/

to build the image locally.

You might require permission from your system administrator to access the verified base images used for Docker. Please contact your admin or the Verta team at [email protected].