PyPI integration


Verta platform supports the ability to integrate into private PyPI repositories that implement the Simple Repository API, such as ones created in Nexus or Artifactory for example. It gives you the ability to use secure, private, local PyPI repositories to share PyPI packages across your organization with fine-grained access control.

System admins can configure one or multiple PyPI repositories. When models are deployed in Verta, the system will automatically parse through the confugured PyPI repositories to fetch dependencies. If the dependencies are not found in your private repositories, the system will fall back to the public PyPI.

Setup PyPI integration

If you are a system admin, go to the Integrations tab in system admin panel to setup PyPI.

In the setup screen provide the following information: name, repository URL, username and password. Test the integration and then save.

You can set up multiple PyPI repository integrations and Verta system will parse through all the repositories when looking for dependencies.

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