Performing platform health checks

Verta’s Health Check API allows developer operation teams to check on the availability of Verta Services. Use this endpoint with your Verta deployments to set up very basic application monitoring. The call will be made to Verta’s REST API.

Here’s an example of a curl common to make - remember, you’ll want to use your own platform URL:

curl -i

When the platform is healthy, you will receive a 200 response in return along with a detailed JSON status summary of key services.

Here’s an example of what the response looks like for one service - the Front End Application serving the Web:

App:"frontend--webapp": {
      "observedGeneration": 330,
      "replicas": 2,
      "updatedReplicas": 2,
      "readyReplicas": 2,
      "availableReplicas": 2,
      "conditions": [
          "type": "Available",
          "status": "True",
          "lastUpdateTime": "2022-09-13T15:35:55Z",
          "lastTransitionTime": "2022-09-13T15:35:55Z",
          "reason": "MinimumReplicasAvailable",
          "message": "Deployment has minimum availability."
          "type": "Progressing",
          "status": "True",
          "lastUpdateTime": "2022-09-13T16:32:19Z",
          "lastTransitionTime": "2022-06-13T19:32:37Z",
          "reason": "NewReplicaSetAvailable",
          "message": "ReplicaSet \"frontend--webapp-c89bc5546\" has successfully progressed."

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