Authentication with JWTs

Verta offers the developer key as its primary authentication method. However, this method is not necessarily convenient when you have a pre-existing way to authenticate your external systems with your authenticator of choice.

In addition to the developer key, you can configure Verta to connect with a 3rd party authenticator (e.g. OAuth2 provider). This allows you to fetch JWTs from the 3rd party and use them when calling the Verta platform, both for API calls and model predictions.

You can initialize the Python client using your JWT using

from verta import Client

client = Client(jwt=MY_JWT)

or you can configure the model predictions to use the credentials with

from verta import Client
from verta.credentials import JWTCredentials

endpoint = Client().get_endpoint("/example")
deployed_model = endpoint.get_deployed_model(credentials = JWTCredentials(MY_JWT))

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