Managing baseline permissions
Controlling the level of access for each entity that belongs to an organization might be tedious and burdensome. Verta allows you to set a baseline permissions which is the default permission for all members of the organization.
Verta allows you to set a default level of permissions for all members of the organization.

Setting baseline permissions

An org admin can set a default permission level for entities within the org that applies to all the organization members. The baseline permissions can be set when an org is created or can be updated later in the roles and permissions tab in the org setting.

Available baseline permissions

Different baseline permissions available are the following:
    Private - All the entities are created private. Only org admin and entity creators can access them. Other members and teams need to be invited as collaborators to individual entities.
    Read - Org members have read-only access to entities in the org
    Write - Org members have read/write access to entities in the org
    Admin - Org members have entity admin access that includes read, write, delete, deploy and invite collaborators.
There are advanced baseline permissions applicable to specific entity types. Those permission are:
    Deploy project - Ability to deploy an experiment run from a project
    Deploy registry - Ability to deploy a registered model version from the model registry
    Predict endpoint - Ability to run predictions against a live endpoint
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